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Over two months in Sweden…

… and I am getting slack on our blog already :-). So much is happening and has happened, I cannot keep up. As the old saying goes „A picture is worth a thousand words“, I will stick to those and some little comments:

A short trip 40 min north of us is an animal park called Skånes Djurpark that we checked out. Including bears and our first moose (for real not just the pic :-D) Also a lot of playgrounds to check out!

We had our first visitors!!! My parents managed to surprise me for my birthday end of September and came to stay with us for a couple of days 😍We were hoping we would be able to have more family visits, but this was such a wonderful surprise! We checked out Malmoe und Lund and sussed out the local pizzria in Hjaerup. Our home and the area got the thumbs up from my parents and the relatively easy travel without massive flights and jetlags was a wonderful side effect! Yay, so happy and the best birthday present ever!!!

Another wonderful event happened faster than we could have ever hoped for. Lexi was able to come an join us end of September. After a long trip via Toronto to Frankfurt, we were reunited and the whole family is so so happy to have her with us again! She seems settled and enjoying her life now as a Swedish hund!

We did our first hiking trip with doggie to the Swedish lake Krankesjoen and we walked ALL the way around 🙂 Including our first encounters with the European ticks – brrrr eeeewww Lexi managed to pick up 3 and I did 2, Oli 1 and surprisingly enough the kids with none! Also a short dip in the lake and some frog hunting and toad loving 😀

Some random moments over the last couple of weeks:

The first soft shell onesie for the smallest member of the family!
Morning walk with Lexi in the Swedish fog – just beautiful!
Our for lunch in Lomma!
It is getting cooler and windier by the day.
The leaves are starting to get colour!
checking out round Knaeckebroed – mmmh yummy!
Apparently we have Skye from Paw Patrol 😀
Shopping for winter gear 😀
But in the end it’s never too cold for ice cream!!

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After saying everyone can sign up to email updates, I have now finally added the widget for it too, so go to the right hand side and enter your email address to be up to date 🙂

Another visit to Lomma beach, this time to the smaller beach at the southern tip of Lomma. Another beautiful spot to hang out and the kids to play in. They love it and I guess we will never be able to move somewhere where there is no water close by hehe!

More foods to enjoy, my first home made version of Köttbullar woohoo! But Ikea has opened their restaurant again now with restrictions easing and so I am sure we will be off to get that fix soon. Just because we can! Another food discovery was Falukorv, the Swedish Fleischwurst. Popular kids dish and ours love it too.

Alana finally got to spend her birthday money on a flash brand new bike that we bought in a bike shop in Malmö. She is besotted with her purchase and is now ready to join Sam with jumps and all at the nearby skatepark. Ella also got a new bike (albeit a used one) and she is now riding her bike all the way to school herself one day a week. Given it is 4.1km one way, she is doing awesome! We had a couple of times where we got caught in the rain so the Kiwi kids have given into the purchase of rain gear – all fully equipped with pants and jackets! Mind you, they still can’t help it and run around in shorts and t-shirt in the rain at home though..and finally (drum roll please…) we bought ourselves an Ikea bed that Oli had to built 😀

More bike riding – I cannot believe I am saying this – that I actually start to prefer to taking the car!!! ME!!! And I am slowly getting the kids to play board games with me – yuss! This time Kniffel or Yahtzee…Equilibrium was restored with acquiring a library card. The kids are over the moon as the library is right next door to us just across the park and they have a well stocked English section too. Everything is done with a card (Check out and Check in ) and the library can be accessed with the card all day every day even when the librarian isn’t present…Just awesome!

Last weekend we took the train to Malmö to check out the turning Torso and surrounds. Ella is still amazed by just taking the train, guess we wouldn’t need to get anywhere just drive back and forth… There are sooo many playgrounds everywhere that it almost felt like playground hopping that day. Well, with the added bonus of me providing extra entertainment by falling off a hammock on that playground – cheered on by the loud laugh of Alana but thankfully no other people around. A video exists but we don’t have premium so „unfortunately“ I can’t publish it here – dang 😀

The day after we were off to the Viking museum to learn a little bit about the region’s history. The kids had a blast and spend some of their pocket money on weapons to practice their fiercest Viking face. We all know Ella can look scary but for this pic – nah not so much! A well earned fika with cheesecake and ice-cream was then followed by the trip home. Another couple of eventful days to come! Stay tuned!

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Ikea, taking the train to Lund, school start and more

Another week has passed and we did so much again. First we went to Ikea to get a couple of things – everyone who knows Ikea knows now that we had a car boot load on our way home 😀 ! We enjoyed some swedish kanelbullar mmh and Alana and Ella spent some of their birthday money to buy replacement pets. Sam opted to buy biking gloves.


A couple of things that I came across the last couple of days:

I always thought German’s had various bin/recycling options until I moved into this house. This is our inbuilt bin and I am pretty sure, every Kiwi (no offence) would be totally overwhelmed by the system. So we have one landfill, one for newspaper, one for paper and cardboard, one for metal, one for plastic, one for coloured glass, one for normal glass. The landfill is brought to a collective bin that is outside the 12 houses where we live. Each household has a key. The recycling gets dropped of by every household at the recycling station which is along the way towards the main road. Self responsible and still totally convenient as we drive past there anyway – love it!


We took the train to Lund the other day as we were all desperate to eat a burger. And so we did. The kids got rather excited about the train and the burgers were just yum! On the way home, the controller (not the fat controller) gave Oli and the kids a fright by making a serious face asking for Ella’s ticket. Oli had checked that 4 year olds don’t need a ticket but the serious look made him unsure after all. But then the guy just laughed at us and gave the kids a „kids ticket that he carried around with him“. Quite a story the kids keep telling us since this time it was daddy who got pranked 😀


Then it was Wednesday, the big first day at school. All in all just a three hour introduction to the new school year but nonetheless the excitement was palpable. All three of them took to the school like ducks to the water and after the first day came out declaring they loved it. So far so good and that hasn’t changed as yet. They already found friends and declared that the Swedish wasn’t a problem at all and that it would be all good. phew! At the end of the day, Ella and I were waiting for the kids when we heard the familiar sound of the ice-cream truck. The head of school had organised for it to come around at the end of the first morning and give out ice-cream to all the primary kids. Alana made sure by asking the head of school that her little sister would get one too and also made Ella to walk to the principal and say tack så mycket herself – mummy in action! They seem all settled after only a couple of days and this week will be their first full week. So let’s see how it goes. Sam was the happiest today telling us that they had a maths test today (to find out where everyone’s level is) and that it was all fun and all good so we will see.

This is from our daily morning commute. Oli and I will be fit in no time since one way to school is a 15 min bike ride each morning hehe!


Other than that, we found a Lidl so have been indulging in all sorts of German delicacies mixed with Swedish ones, lots of playgrounds to visit and we bought a second hand wooden dollhouse much to the kids‘ delight!


And thanks to our charcoal BBQ, we have had „Rote Wurschd mit Pommes“ – mmmh oh yeah!





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Tirup, settling in and Falsterbo

Hard to believe but we are actually now almost two weeks in Sweden! Seems like time is flying fast when you are having fun 😉

So, on Thursday last week we took to our bikes again and followed a recommendation from our neighbour to check out A Cafe in the middle of fields with homemade food, an orchard and a big playground. It is a 16 min bike ride from our home so off we went.


The kids had pancakes with sylt and grädde and Oli and I enjoyed a piece of homemade  cheesecake – can’t complain!


The next day we drove further out to Falsterbo – Skåne’s riviera. The beach is beautiful and we spent the whole afternoon just lounging in the sun and enjoying the sea. There are a lot more people than at NZ’s beaches as we are in Europe after all and hardly any waves. It is very shallow which makes it so safe for little kids like Ella. The sun is not as harsh as in NZ too where I would have never sat on the beach with this heat and at that time of the day. But yes, NZ has a lot more different beaches at the doorstep than here for sure 😉


Other than that, we continue to enjoy settling into our new home in Hjärup. We went for a visit in the kids‘ school last week to meet some of the teachers and they are now excited to get going this week. I will post updates for sure! We sorted out our BBQ situation too by acquiring a second hand charcoal BBQ – yummy!!


And finally, some of the things that made me smile this week:

Eating Kvarg that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (my German friends in NZ will know what I am talking about)


Buying yoghurt that makes you chuckle because of the Swedish word that is written like the German word for bear 😉 Grizzly with muesli anyone?


Waking up to condensation at the windows – from the OUTSIDE!

Slowing down in life with family time and bike rides to buy some milk with my 4 year old:

and finally being blown away by the beautiful Swedish landscape and the harvest season that is happening right now:


Lots of love from Sweden!

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Lomma beach and more bike riding

As the kids are technically still on holiday, we are trying to do something fun every day while at the same time working and settling in – yesterday was no exception so we decided to head to the beach. Having lived in New Zealand for so long, we couldn’t even imagine living somewhere that is far away from the ocean. The closest beach to us is Lomma beach, a popular beach on the west coast of Sweden and slighty north of Malmö.


So, off we went and after riding our bikes through the cornfields and into the little coastal town of Lomma, the kids got all excited and started shouting …the beach, the beach!!! The beach is really nice and the water is so shallow and clear!


After cooling down, we packed up again and headed to find an icecream shop. In Swedish icecream is called glass, so the Lomma glass fabric was the place to go. Ella is having a blast of the back of my bike soaking in the landscape while licking the rest of her ‚en smack jordgubbsglass‘ – living the dream!

After reading the news about NZ’s lockdown, I headed to the liquor store and bought a bottle of NZ sauv, had a glass (not icecream this time – VERY confusing hehe!) with Oli while watching the sunset from our balcony here in Hjärup. Thinking of everyone on the other side of the world 🙂 – big hugs!

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Sweden – here we come

And so the story begins… Sunday, 26th of July 2020 was going to be the day we leave New Zealand. Me, my three kids and a lot of luggage! Leaving hubby and Lexi behind 😦 Roughly 14 years after Oli and I arrived with nothing but two big backpacks and a lot of enthusiasm for a new country. Remember these 2?



After checking in our big amount of luggage including Sam’s bike and three scooters, we had to wait for Auckland airport’s security area’s door to open. I had never seen this closed EVER but since there are hardly any flights these days, they only open the gate certain times a day. Nothing major and soon we were off to Sydney from where we had to gear up with mask and visor to our next destination Doha. After a bumpy ride we make it to Doha to wait another 2 hours to board the last flight to Munich. In Auckland and in Sydney, there’s a weird mood at the airport since it feels deserted other than at the gate. I found it strange that no staff at Sydney airport were wearing masks but I had to although arriving from a country that apparently has no cases – makes you wonder…

The last 5.5 hours in an almost empty plane with three seats to each of us were a breeze with Ella and Alana sleeping pretty much all the way and Sam and I watching TV. In Munich, we had to wear our masks and were greeted by balmy 27 degrees!! The next couple of days we spent our days catching up with friends and family and soaking up the sunshine of German summer.

Daily life in Germany, other than wearing a mask when inside public places, has pretty much resumed back to normal. People get on with their lives. At first I had this strange feeling I could be infecting someone having been on a plane etc. Until a friend told me that one of the mums at school was tested positive and that now more people will be tested. I realised that contrary to New Zealand, Sars Cov 2 is in the community here in one form or another, so no panic needed. From that moment, I started to relax! Another couple of days went by and we got to welcome Oli back into the pack who joined us Saturday 1st of August. We then had to figure out our way to Sweden 😊 My dad and I had bought our new car in Germany in the meantime so we hired a transporter as an extra, packed everything and off we went – direction North. I already started to regret the trip with the kids when the first “When are we there?” sounded from the back of the car 45 minutes into a 1.5 day drive.. However, our kids were troopers and we managed to break up the drive and got to Quickborn in Northern Germany where we stayed the night. Early next morning, we went further north, got checked at the Danish border only to be able to pass without a hitch, another couple of 100 kms, two massive bridges gen West and a Swedish border crossing (again without any problem) we arrived at our final destination Hjaerup, south of Lund.


The last couple of days, we have been melting away as we managed to bring a heatwave to Sweden with temperatures ranging from 27 to 31 degrees! Our house is in a new development in Hjaerup and we are surrounded by families with 2 or 3 children each. There’s a park and a pond at the back of the house and a skatepark only a stone’s throw away. There is a constant “mum we are going biking”, “mum we are going scootering” sound in the house. The neighbouring families are very lovely and welcoming and we already feel rather settled just after a couple of days.


Most of the trips here are done by bike and Sam can’t get over the fact how many bikes there are around. Everywhere you go, there’s heaps of bikes parked up somewhere. Today, we rode our own bikes to the kids’ school to check out the area and it does feel a little unreal to ride through the fields on perfect bike paths to be honest.

Life in Sweden seems pretty normal, there’s social distancing markings in shops etc and people generally keep a distance but not more than usual – I never hugged a stranger in the supermarket or sneaked up on someone at the checkout prior to this, so nothing new! We are trying to learn Swedish but as predicted everyone speaks English so as soon as they notice you can’t speak Swedish, they switch the language 😊. I am slowly getting used to pronouncing my first name how it is supposed to again rather than the English version I have been getting used to over the last couple of years. The landscape is dotted with harvesters that trawl through the corn fields and there’s still a really nice summer vibe everywhere. One of the neighbours said it feels like the Swedes are taking a summer break from the Covid drama 😊. Don’t we all need a break?!

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Nur ganz kurz – neue Bilder sind online!

Da soll noch einer sagen, ich bin nicht auf dem Laufenden. Die Gallerie fuer September ist schon online.

Naja gut, ich muss immernoch die vom letzten Jahr aufarbeiten 🙂 Januar und Februar sind auch fertig.

Meine neueste Erkenntnis ist uebrigens, dass man als Mutter in Begleitung von Tiereierbechern auf Sams Arm aufs Klo geht und dann angefeuert wird einen Tinker zu machen und dann eine Diskussion fuehren darf warum man jetzt nur Pipi muss :-D! Das Erstaunliche jedoch ist, dass man es als normal empfindet!!!

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Neues Video!


ich hab mal wieder etwas Zeit gefunden fuer ein Video, ein bisschen Alana und Sam, und sehr viel Sam auf seinem Laufrad!

Ansonsten schlaeft Alana die letzten Naechte durch, von in etwa 7 Uhr abends bis halb 7 Uhr morgens! Wow! Britta ist hellauf begeistert, ich natuerlich auch. Wir hoffen mal, dass sie das so beibehaelt. Ausserdem kann sie sich vom Ruecken auf den Bauch rollen! Und dann nach ner Weile meckern weils natuerlich noch nicht zurueck geht!
Sie ist auch sehr zufrieden waehrend des Tages und grinst wann immer man sie anschaut! Vor allem ihr Bruder hats ihr angetan, den verfolgt sie ueberall hin mit ihrem Blick, wobei seine lauten Schreie schon manchmal dazu fuehren, dass die Unterlippe runtergeht.
Sie isst jetzt auch solids (Brei), dreimal am Tag. Manchmal sehr viel, manchmal nicht so viel. Da muss sie sich noch ein bisschen einpendeln. Da ihre Oberschenkel so lang wie breit sind ist das aber nicht weiter bedenklich. 😉

Und Sam bekommt endlich einen weiteren Backenzahn, links oben, man sieht schon die Spitzen aus dem Zahnfleisch lugen. Jetzt fehlen nur noch drei… Er hatte letzte Woche auch seinen ersten Zahnarztbesuch und hat sich sehr gut benommen! Alles einwandfrei, gibt keine Klagen.

Seit ein paar Wochen hab ich ein neues Handy vom Geschaeft (Samsung Galaxy S2), daher sind die Bilder auf auch um einiges besser!
Britta hat mein altes iPhone, und ich hoffe mal, dass sie demnaechst auch oefters Bilder macht! 😉

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Sams Wortschatz und neue Bilder

Es gibt einen neuen Eintrag auf Sam’s Website und neue Bilder.

Viel Spass

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Taeglicher Bilderupdateumzug


da wir ja Wohlderweil haben (ja nee, is klar!), oder eher da dailybooth einige Probleme hatte in den letzten Tagen hab ich das Bilderupdate umgezogen.
Und zwar nach! Das ist ein Service von Posterous, ein sehr praktischer Service, wenn auch nicht mehr ganz jung. Praktischerweise koennen da mehrere Leute posten, also hoffen wir mal, dass Britta auch ab und an ein Bildchen oder einen kurzen Text hochlaedt!

Weiterhin ists jetzt fuer alle, also werd ich versuchen nicht nur Bilder von Sam zu posten sondern auch von Alana, Britta und mir! Bella vielleicht auch noch. 😉

Es hat auch schon einige dort, lohnt sich also gleich mal vorbeizuschauen! 🙂

Viel Spass!

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