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Another visit to Lomma beach, this time to the smaller beach at the southern tip of Lomma. Another beautiful spot to hang out and the kids to play in. They love it and I guess we will never be able to move somewhere where there is no water close by hehe!

More foods to enjoy, my first home made version of Köttbullar woohoo! But Ikea has opened their restaurant again now with restrictions easing and so I am sure we will be off to get that fix soon. Just because we can! Another food discovery was Falukorv, the Swedish Fleischwurst. Popular kids dish and ours love it too.

Alana finally got to spend her birthday money on a flash brand new bike that we bought in a bike shop in Malmö. She is besotted with her purchase and is now ready to join Sam with jumps and all at the nearby skatepark. Ella also got a new bike (albeit a used one) and she is now riding her bike all the way to school herself one day a week. Given it is 4.1km one way, she is doing awesome! We had a couple of times where we got caught in the rain so the Kiwi kids have given into the purchase of rain gear – all fully equipped with pants and jackets! Mind you, they still can’t help it and run around in shorts and t-shirt in the rain at home though..and finally (drum roll please…) we bought ourselves an Ikea bed that Oli had to built 😀

More bike riding – I cannot believe I am saying this – that I actually start to prefer to taking the car!!! ME!!! And I am slowly getting the kids to play board games with me – yuss! This time Kniffel or Yahtzee…Equilibrium was restored with acquiring a library card. The kids are over the moon as the library is right next door to us just across the park and they have a well stocked English section too. Everything is done with a card (Check out and Check in ) and the library can be accessed with the card all day every day even when the librarian isn’t present…Just awesome!

Last weekend we took the train to Malmö to check out the turning Torso and surrounds. Ella is still amazed by just taking the train, guess we wouldn’t need to get anywhere just drive back and forth… There are sooo many playgrounds everywhere that it almost felt like playground hopping that day. Well, with the added bonus of me providing extra entertainment by falling off a hammock on that playground – cheered on by the loud laugh of Alana but thankfully no other people around. A video exists but we don’t have premium so „unfortunately“ I can’t publish it here – dang 😀

The day after we were off to the Viking museum to learn a little bit about the region’s history. The kids had a blast and spend some of their pocket money on weapons to practice their fiercest Viking face. We all know Ella can look scary but for this pic – nah not so much! A well earned fika with cheesecake and ice-cream was then followed by the trip home. Another couple of eventful days to come! Stay tuned!


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