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Ikea, taking the train to Lund, school start and more

Another week has passed and we did so much again. First we went to Ikea to get a couple of things – everyone who knows Ikea knows now that we had a car boot load on our way home 😀 ! We enjoyed some swedish kanelbullar mmh and Alana and Ella spent some of their birthday money to buy replacement pets. Sam opted to buy biking gloves.


A couple of things that I came across the last couple of days:

I always thought German’s had various bin/recycling options until I moved into this house. This is our inbuilt bin and I am pretty sure, every Kiwi (no offence) would be totally overwhelmed by the system. So we have one landfill, one for newspaper, one for paper and cardboard, one for metal, one for plastic, one for coloured glass, one for normal glass. The landfill is brought to a collective bin that is outside the 12 houses where we live. Each household has a key. The recycling gets dropped of by every household at the recycling station which is along the way towards the main road. Self responsible and still totally convenient as we drive past there anyway – love it!


We took the train to Lund the other day as we were all desperate to eat a burger. And so we did. The kids got rather excited about the train and the burgers were just yum! On the way home, the controller (not the fat controller) gave Oli and the kids a fright by making a serious face asking for Ella’s ticket. Oli had checked that 4 year olds don’t need a ticket but the serious look made him unsure after all. But then the guy just laughed at us and gave the kids a „kids ticket that he carried around with him“. Quite a story the kids keep telling us since this time it was daddy who got pranked 😀


Then it was Wednesday, the big first day at school. All in all just a three hour introduction to the new school year but nonetheless the excitement was palpable. All three of them took to the school like ducks to the water and after the first day came out declaring they loved it. So far so good and that hasn’t changed as yet. They already found friends and declared that the Swedish wasn’t a problem at all and that it would be all good. phew! At the end of the day, Ella and I were waiting for the kids when we heard the familiar sound of the ice-cream truck. The head of school had organised for it to come around at the end of the first morning and give out ice-cream to all the primary kids. Alana made sure by asking the head of school that her little sister would get one too and also made Ella to walk to the principal and say tack så mycket herself – mummy in action! They seem all settled after only a couple of days and this week will be their first full week. So let’s see how it goes. Sam was the happiest today telling us that they had a maths test today (to find out where everyone’s level is) and that it was all fun and all good so we will see.

This is from our daily morning commute. Oli and I will be fit in no time since one way to school is a 15 min bike ride each morning hehe!


Other than that, we found a Lidl so have been indulging in all sorts of German delicacies mixed with Swedish ones, lots of playgrounds to visit and we bought a second hand wooden dollhouse much to the kids‘ delight!


And thanks to our charcoal BBQ, we have had „Rote Wurschd mit Pommes“ – mmmh oh yeah!







  1. „angekommen!“ Prima, so kann es weitergehen!
    Liebe Grüße an euch alle von Christel

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