Verfasst von: Bridda | 19.10.2020 (Montag)

Over two months in Sweden…

… and I am getting slack on our blog already :-). So much is happening and has happened, I cannot keep up. As the old saying goes „A picture is worth a thousand words“, I will stick to those and some little comments:

A short trip 40 min north of us is an animal park called Skånes Djurpark that we checked out. Including bears and our first moose (for real not just the pic :-D) Also a lot of playgrounds to check out!

We had our first visitors!!! My parents managed to surprise me for my birthday end of September and came to stay with us for a couple of days 😍We were hoping we would be able to have more family visits, but this was such a wonderful surprise! We checked out Malmoe und Lund and sussed out the local pizzria in Hjaerup. Our home and the area got the thumbs up from my parents and the relatively easy travel without massive flights and jetlags was a wonderful side effect! Yay, so happy and the best birthday present ever!!!

Another wonderful event happened faster than we could have ever hoped for. Lexi was able to come an join us end of September. After a long trip via Toronto to Frankfurt, we were reunited and the whole family is so so happy to have her with us again! She seems settled and enjoying her life now as a Swedish hund!

We did our first hiking trip with doggie to the Swedish lake Krankesjoen and we walked ALL the way around 🙂 Including our first encounters with the European ticks – brrrr eeeewww Lexi managed to pick up 3 and I did 2, Oli 1 and surprisingly enough the kids with none! Also a short dip in the lake and some frog hunting and toad loving 😀

Some random moments over the last couple of weeks:

The first soft shell onesie for the smallest member of the family!
Morning walk with Lexi in the Swedish fog – just beautiful!
Our for lunch in Lomma!
It is getting cooler and windier by the day.
The leaves are starting to get colour!
checking out round Knaeckebroed – mmmh yummy!
Apparently we have Skye from Paw Patrol 😀
Shopping for winter gear 😀
But in the end it’s never too cold for ice cream!!



  1. Hallo Britta,

    Ich verfolge total gerne eure Lebensreise.
    Kommt gerne mal auf dem Weg nach Herbrechtingen in Quickborn vorbei.

    LG Berit

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