Verfasst von: Bridda | 13.08.2020 (Donnerstag)

Lomma beach and more bike riding

As the kids are technically still on holiday, we are trying to do something fun every day while at the same time working and settling in – yesterday was no exception so we decided to head to the beach. Having lived in New Zealand for so long, we couldn’t even imagine living somewhere that is far away from the ocean. The closest beach to us is Lomma beach, a popular beach on the west coast of Sweden and slighty north of Malmö.


So, off we went and after riding our bikes through the cornfields and into the little coastal town of Lomma, the kids got all excited and started shouting …the beach, the beach!!! The beach is really nice and the water is so shallow and clear!


After cooling down, we packed up again and headed to find an icecream shop. In Swedish icecream is called glass, so the Lomma glass fabric was the place to go. Ella is having a blast of the back of my bike soaking in the landscape while licking the rest of her ‚en smack jordgubbsglass‘ – living the dream!

After reading the news about NZ’s lockdown, I headed to the liquor store and bought a bottle of NZ sauv, had a glass (not icecream this time – VERY confusing hehe!) with Oli while watching the sunset from our balcony here in Hjärup. Thinking of everyone on the other side of the world 🙂 – big hugs!


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