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Tirup, settling in and Falsterbo

Hard to believe but we are actually now almost two weeks in Sweden! Seems like time is flying fast when you are having fun 😉

So, on Thursday last week we took to our bikes again and followed a recommendation from our neighbour to check out A Cafe in the middle of fields with homemade food, an orchard and a big playground. It is a 16 min bike ride from our home so off we went.


The kids had pancakes with sylt and grädde and Oli and I enjoyed a piece of homemade  cheesecake – can’t complain!


The next day we drove further out to Falsterbo – Skåne’s riviera. The beach is beautiful and we spent the whole afternoon just lounging in the sun and enjoying the sea. There are a lot more people than at NZ’s beaches as we are in Europe after all and hardly any waves. It is very shallow which makes it so safe for little kids like Ella. The sun is not as harsh as in NZ too where I would have never sat on the beach with this heat and at that time of the day. But yes, NZ has a lot more different beaches at the doorstep than here for sure 😉


Other than that, we continue to enjoy settling into our new home in Hjärup. We went for a visit in the kids‘ school last week to meet some of the teachers and they are now excited to get going this week. I will post updates for sure! We sorted out our BBQ situation too by acquiring a second hand charcoal BBQ – yummy!!


And finally, some of the things that made me smile this week:

Eating Kvarg that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (my German friends in NZ will know what I am talking about)


Buying yoghurt that makes you chuckle because of the Swedish word that is written like the German word for bear 😉 Grizzly with muesli anyone?


Waking up to condensation at the windows – from the OUTSIDE!

Slowing down in life with family time and bike rides to buy some milk with my 4 year old:

and finally being blown away by the beautiful Swedish landscape and the harvest season that is happening right now:


Lots of love from Sweden!


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